About me

Photography lends me a platform to express my version of the world.

I am a professional lighting designer and now a photographer, and my work reflects my love for both. My design background gives me that edge to create set ups which helps me achieve that sheer pleasing effect to my photographs. When I see a moment that stirs my imagination, I have this insatiable urge to snap a photo, and make that intangible moment, permanent.

I specialize in natural light photography and prefer using it whenever available to give that natural flair and beauty to my portraits. While shooting indoors, windows and screens are my basic tools that I use to illuminate the subject and this lends that drama and charm to my portraits. My goal while taking photographs is to capture the essence of the moment and make the scene look as natural as possible.

I would consider myself as a lifestyle and portraiture photographer. But as a photography enthusiast, I am always challenging myself to push my limitations and skills But staying true to my style and preferences on the quality of the photographs.

My approach towards my session is flexible and casual which gives my clients enough room to get comfortable in front of the camera. I have noticed that people get intimidated when facing the camera and it is crucial for me to get those natural expressions, so I tend to meet my clients atleast once before the main photoshoot so that we get familiar with each other and share our expectations and, work on getting the most out of the photo session . It is important for me that my clients can look back and enjoy the photographs and remember the process of getting them done as a fun experience. I am very much open on incorporating my clients ideas and props for the set up, this approach only gets the end results satisfying for both you and me.

As much as i am excited about taking photographs, my goal is to see that sense of excitement and joy of my clients when they see the finished portraits. I am a believer of "passion" and "tears of Joy" and i want my clients to have the same experience when they see their finished portraits.  My passion and enthusiasm is driven by capturing those precious moments in life which otherwise gets unnoticed and i wish to keep improving with time and wish that my work is constantly evolving.

I feel happy and fortunate that my clients invite me into their lives to observe and quietly capture their most precious moments. I hope my photographs get each of you as much joy and contentment as it gets me!